Cboe Global Cloud

Access global market data easily via the cloud

Cboe Global Cloud offers real-time streaming data from our markets with as little as an internet connection. It’s fully redundant, tick-level data without the need for physical connectivity, saving you costs and setup time.

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Enhance Your Product Offering

A range of financial market participants can use Cboe data to power applications, perform research and inform risk & trading decisions. Cboe Global Cloud provides a unified data delivery platform for efficient access to Cboe data.

Financial Information Providers

Be a go-to resource for the latest market moves by providing real-time financial content on your website and mobile applications.

Retail Brokers

Offer additional data sets to your users. Display Cboe data on your front-end website, applications, and active trader platforms.

Data Vendors/Platform Providers

Give your users access to the data they want and need. Provide Cboe data through APIs or on front-end displays.

Cboe Data

Cboe operates some of the most resilient and trusted exchanges in the industry, earning a reputation for being cost-effective, flexible and accurate.

Want more Cboe data available via the cloud?

Market Overview Available Products
U.S. Equities Cboe is one of the largest U.S. equities exchange operators. Get real-time, accurate data for all U.S.-listed securities and ETFs. Cboe BZX Top, Cboe EDGX Top, Cboe One Summary and Premium Feeds
European Equities Cboe Europe is the largest European stock exchange by value traded and market share, offering trading in listed securities from 18 countries. Cboe Top, Last Sale
Canadian Equities Cboe Canada's MATCHNow ATS and NEO Exchange combine for approximately 15.2% equities market share in Canada.1 Cboe One Canada Summary and Premium Feeds
Australian Equities Cboe Australia is transforming the Australian investment market through a focus on customers and innovation. Cboe Australia Top, Cboe Australia Depth of Book
Japanese Equities Cboe Japan is a leading PTS (Proprietary Trading System) for Japanese equities, operating three distinct marketplaces. Cboe Japan Depth of Book
U.S. Futures Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE®) is the home to volatility futures and the place to receive real-time VIX futures data. CFE Top
Index Cboe Global Indices Feed provides more than 1,500 index values, including SPX and VIX® Spot, and values from other index providers. Main, Cboe Global Indices, Morningstar, MSCI, FTSE, CCCY and INAV channels available

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Cboe Global Cloud leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) global network to disseminate Cboe data from geographically diverse locations, providing both accessibility and resiliency to our customers.

Cloud Accessibility Locations

Connectivity Options

Three distinct and secure access options are available. A cloud account or presence is not required for connectivity.

AWS PrivateLink

Best option for customer systems and/or processes already running within AWS Cloud.

Internet Gateway ("IGW")

Best for customer systems and/or processes running on-premises in a local data center or in another infrastructure provider's environment.

Virtual Private Network ("VPN")

Best method for customer systems and/or processes running on-premises in a local data center, or in another infrastructure provider's environment, where a virtual private connection is preferred over internet delivery.

Want to better understand how Cboe Global Cloud works?
Watch a replay of our Cboe + AWS webinar
Want to better understand how Cboe Global Cloud works?
Watch a replay of our Cboe + AWS webinar
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Get Started

If you have questions during the onboarding process, please reach out to Cboe Market Data Services.


Use our Onboarding Portal to request Cboe data. The portal makes it easy to submit our Exchange Data Order Form and System Description electronically for review.


Current customers can establish connectivity to Cboe Global Cloud using the Cloud Connection Request Tool in the Customer Web Portal. New customers can contact our Network department (+1.913.815.7005, [email protected]) to begin the process.

  1. Source: Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) reports of market share by marketplace by volume traded first-quarter 2024.

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