Cboe Global Indices Feed

The Cboe Global Indices Feed is a streaming data service delivering real-time index values to market participants. Values include indices, like SPX® and VIX® as well as indices from Morningstar, Standard & Poor's/Dow Jones, FTSE Russell, Ameribor, CoinRoutes RealPrice, Gemini, MSCI, Societe Generale and others.

More than 1,500 Index Values Available

Indices include SPX and VIX

Most values updated every 15 seconds1

+ Access to our index feed is available directly from Cboe Global Markets and through most large industry vendors.

+ Get your data in real time or as a delayed, end-of-day file. Historical data is also available for purchase from Cboe DataShop.

Accessing the Data

Direct Feed

Connect directly through Cboe’s data centers. Primary:  Secaucus, New Jersey (NY4, NY5). Secondary: Chicago, Illinois (CH4, CH1).

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Connect to one of our Cboe Global Cloud access points around the globe via AWS PrivateLink, Internet Gateway, or VPN.

Cboe Global Cloud


The world’s top data vendors provide Cboe data so you don’t have to establish a direct connection.

Data Vendors

Data Channels & Pricing

Multiple data channels are available within the feed to provide customers flexibility in subscriptions and cost.

(includes S&P and Societe Generale)
Cboe Global Indices
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Speak with our team to get a price quote for your specific data needs.

License Request Forms and Agreements

Requesting a quote to license Cboe Indices or index data is easy. Simply complete the form listed below and email it to [email protected]. If you require assistance at any time, the Cboe Multi-Asset Solutions Department may be reached directly at (312) 786-7764

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1During trading hours.



Administrative and Reporting:


Mailing address:

  • Cboe Data Services, LLC
  • Attention: Market Data Services
  • 17 State Street, 31st Floor New York, NY 10004