Corporate Social Responsibility

Cboe is widely recognized as a leading industry innovator, deeply committed to defining markets, and creating new ones to serve investors around the globe. We recognize that operating in a socially responsible manner helps promote the long-term interests of our investors, associates, customers, community members, and all other stakeholders with whom we live and work. In furtherance of our commitment to all of our stakeholders, we are pleased to share Cboe's 2021 Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) report . This report provides insight into Cboe’s approach to ESG with the goal of demonstrating how ESG practices are integrated within our strategy, business processes, and culture. We plan to publish our next ESG report in 2022.

At Cboe, we are actively engaged with policymakers on behalf of our customers to promote fairness, innovation, trust, and confidence in our markets, and we continuously seek to further our corporate social responsibility efforts through:

  • Industry Leadership;
  • Diversity and Associate Engagement;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Promoting Transparent and Efficient Capital Markets; and
  • Environmental Performance.

Cboe’s ESG reports:

ESG-Related Policies: